Billy Kimmel #47

In Memory of The Mechanicsburg Hot Shoe

Bill's Profile

Date of Birth: September 22, 1979

Occupation: Trailer Mechanic for Roadway Express

Girlfriend: Julie

Hobbies: Racing, hanging out with friends, and his monthly pilgramige to the Harrisburg Hardware Bar

Career Highlights:
-Heat Race Victory at SSP (2006)
-Finished 2nd to Doug Esh in a heat race at Lincoln (2006)
-Finished 11th at Williams Grove Speedway (4/13/07)

Career Resume-

Crew Experience:

Worked for Mark Coldren (Micro's, 358 Sprints, and 410 Sprints)
Also wrenched for:
Claire Wintermyer
Johnny Mackison, Jr.
Jeff Young
Aaron Long
George Kulp

Driving Experience:

2003- Drove Mark Coldren's #I07 at the Coors Light York County Nationals at SSP
2004- Drove John Wickards # 34 1/2 at SSP
2005- Raced a full year of 305 Sprint Cars
2006- Ran a 360 early in the season, before moving to a 410 for the last 3/4 of the year
2007- Raced 410s at Lincoln Speedway and Williams Grove, drove a 358 two times at Williams Grove as well

 305 Sprints

 358 Sprints

 360 Sprints

 410 Sprints

Silver Spring Speedway
Port Royal Speedway
Hesston Speedway
Williams Grove Speedway
Lincoln Speedway

Williams Grove Speedway

Susquehanna Speedway Park
Williams Grove Speedway
Lincoln Speedway
Trail-Way Speedway 

Susquehanna Speedway Park
Williams Grove Speedway
Lincoln Speedway